So, if I were being honest I feel a bit like it’s the first day of school.  I’m sure you remember those days filled with the jitters of apprehension.  You see for some time now I’ve been encouraged to write my thoughts down in a more public forum.  One guy in particular has really been bugging me like crazy.  (You know who you are…JR).  So I guess I could say that today I am a “man without excuse.”  So here I am.  It’s unclear to me exactly what I’m going to post from time to time but more than likely it will be thoughts that come from simply observing and doing life.  You see on my best days, I am a beggar just like you trying to help other beggars figure out where to find the food that brings life.  It would be my heart’s desire as you listen to the voice on the posts to come that you would see God’s hand at work and that you might even find a particular nugget or two that would be of value to you in your own life’s journey.

So am I “too invested in the outcome?”  At the end of the day this seemed to be the question that I ultimately had to ask myself to get at why I haven’t gotten off my duff and launched in to begin the writing process.  Do I think that no one would really care about what I have to say?  Was I concerned about what other people would think of me?  Or do I simply feel as though what I have to say is of limited value in the grand scheme of life.  Over the years I’ve seen this dynamic of being too invested in the outcome to be a sure recipe for missing out on the fullness of life.  We become paralyzed by the presupposition that things have to turn out exactly as we’ve planned which robs us of the joy that can come from simply enjoying the journey of life.   So, I’m stepping off the dock with no expectations only desire.  A desire to realize the fullness of living a life of joy as I consider with you some of life’s simple truth’s and how they might apply to each of our lives today and in the days to come.  Peace.