So, is there something to be learned from a common rubber band?   Recently I’ve been thinking on the importance of having “elasticity” in my life.  Perhaps it’s really another way of saying I recognize a longing to be a bit more of a “go with the flow” type of guy.  Seeking to be more spontaneous, more adventurous and generally just more fun to be around.  Isn’t it funny how life has a way of robbing us of some of these highly cherished attributes as the years march on?  So it seemed only natural that the best place to turn for some insight into this topic was to consider the good ole rubber band.   A quick study of this universal tool of both business and home reveals four simple but useful insights on elasticity to consider.  First, elasticity yields strength.  The more you stretch a rubber band the stronger it seems to get.  So it seems it’s good to be stretched as individuals from time to time.  Who amongst us wouldn’t say that when we get on the other side of an experience that takes us outside of our comfort zone we don’t emerge stronger?  Next, elasticity enables the rubber band to wrap itself around objects of many different shapes and sizes.  By way of analogy our own personal elasticity enables us to engage and enter in to the lives of many different people.  We get to wrap ourselves around people of all personality types, unique gifts, life experiences, etc.  Could this be the missing link to becoming better at loving the unlovely?  I just wonder.  Thirdly, elasticity by its very nature makes the rubber band more flexible.  When we allow ourselves to be more flexible we embody that much needed ingredient for continued personal growth…a teachable spirit.  New ideas all of a sudden become our friend and we become must less resistant to change, less uptight at life.  The question of our life then is no longer centered around where we have been or what have we done but now it is squarely pointed to who we can become.  Finally, elasticity makes the rubber band more vulnerable.  In this case vulnerable to being broken if it gets stretched too tight.  Our own vulnerability can be our gateway for offloading those burdens that once made known can keep us from actually reaching the breaking points of life.  I’m sure we have all experienced just how quickly the energy is taken out of the burden when we simply allow ourselves to be transparent and share our hurts and pains with others.  So it’s interesting that unlike the rubber band our vulnerability can actually make us stronger.  (We’ll talk more about the strength found in leading with transparency at a later date.)  Well, no doubt there are more takeaways to be considered if time permitted.  My hope is that at the end of the day these thoughts haven’t been too much of a stretch for you to consider.  Come on…I’m just kidding.  Peace.