So, is your “whoness” wrapped up in your “whatness?”  One doesn’t have to go far to realize the multitude of ill effects that have been caused by the period of steep unemployment we find ourselves in.  Many good people have lost their jobs and long to get back to work.  Perhaps though on any given day even more people who are actually gainfully employed voice their displeasure with the job they do have.  Many of these folks speak of how “all things would be better” if they could just “get a new job.” The outward manifestation of this inward struggle shows itself in their loss of joy, fulfillment, excitement, etc. in their work and life.  In their mind’s eye their job has let them down and as a result they simply don’t like who they’ve become.   The answer or so they think…find a new job and then “things will all be better.”   Have there been those times in your own life when you’ve reached that place where you’ve found yourself wrestling with your work and just not liking the person you see in the mirror?  No doubt there will be and have been days when our jobs will let us down.  Those days that find us simply not liking our work and longing to just do something different. But are we once again allowing ourselves to be governed by the outward symptoms of a much deeper inward reality?  Could this really be a case of mistaken identity?  Could it be that we have wrapped our whoness in our whatness and allowed ourselves to be defined almost exclusively by our work?  Men in particular have long sought to find their identity in their work and therein lies the root of the problem when things start to go awry at the office.  Are we looking to our work to satisfy the longings of our heart?  You know those innate longings to matter and make a difference.  While our work can certainly bring great satisfaction and fulfillment it can never provide the foundation for our existence by defining who it is we are as a person.  No job in the world can validate our worth as a human being.  To find our identity in anything other than our worth as a child of God will only lead to a life pursuit of mistaken identity.  The real you will simply never be known!  Interestingly though, as we live an intentional life pursuing the “who” that’s in us as a child of the King we just may find that there will be a multitude of joyously fulfilling “what” opportunities that come our way over a lifetime.  Peace.