So, would you say time is your most precious resource? I think it was the Rolling Stones that sang a song that went something like this, “time is on my side…yes it is.”  While those words certainly sound affirming it is becoming ever more apparent to me that the old adage, “time waits for no man” seems to be the real life truism.  How can something that is so ever present remain so elusive? I mean when we really dig deep doesn’t it seem like time is more like our most scarce resource? (Perhaps in the end that is why it is so precious to us.)  Why can’t we just create more time? We’ll I’ve been pondering more about this and realized that it seems part of the answer may lie in how we think about time. No doubt time is part of an ongoing continuum but maybe rather than get overwhelmed by the fact that time seems to be continually escaping us perhaps we should begin to think in terms of seasons of time.  In other words, to begin to carve the continuum up into more manageable and measureable pieces where we can see real progress, real life change being made.  As I look back on my adult life I can clearly identify three distinct seasons so far; the exhibition season…a time of great adventure where the risk of trying new things seemed to be almost non-existent, the season of achievement…a time primarily focused on setting and attaining goals and then lastly, the season to make an intentional shift towards significance…a time to move away from the pursuit of worldly success to follow a larger purpose for my life. Could it be that this simple perspective change could provide us with one of the best benchmarks for helping us filter out the noise that promotes what so often feels like life’s listlessness? Is it possible that this approach could provide us with an integral part of what it takes to lean in and experience life with greater direction and resolve?  On a personal note, in just a few short months our last child at home will be off to college and the house will be empty.  Undoubtedly, this foretells a season of time that will be quite different from the one my wife and I have known for the last twenty or so years.  Most certainly we should see some freed up “time capacity” on our hands as we look ahead to the upcoming season, a time when many of the “no’s” of today will become the “yes’s” of tomorrow. For each of us the “spring season” is almost upon us…a time characterized by the beauty of new growth. May we all find great joy as we experience new growth in whatever season of life we find ourself in.  Peace.