So, what is your net worth?  Traditional methods would tell us that we need to look at our personal balance sheet for the answer to this question of defining our financial wealth. If by chance you don’t know the formula it is, “assets – liabilities = net worth” or in other words subtract the value of the assets we own from the amount of debt we owe and you get the sum total of our financial worth. For many this valuation approach extends well beyond the financial and actually begins to define the value of their life’s efforts or in some cases, their value as individuals. But if there’s one lesson we all should have taken away from the events of the last few years it’s that anything measured from a financial perspective is subject to a great deal of volatility and in many cases, loss. Rather than being paralyzed (and disillusioned) by this reality perhaps we need to take this time to reorient our perspective towards building our life’s portfolio with a new currency in mind…the currency of life.  Think about this!  What if we begin to see our net worth in light of the immeasurable value of authentic relationships?  You know each of us has been given a measure of “relational” capital to spend investing in the lives of others.  And there’s something very unique about this type of investing, in particular the return on choosing to invest in the lives of people. Think about this.  Investing in people carries with it a guaranteed rate of return.  It’s more commonly known as being more blessed by giving than receiving.  The more of ourselves we invest in the lives of others the more our investment grows to the point where it seems we simply can’t outspend our investment. Our relational cup just seems to overflow in an amazing regenerative way.  As we invest in others and they, in turn are encouraged to invest themselves in others, our initial investment lives on.  This is what I would call the ultimate “life” dividend reinvestment strategy.  And best of all, as we build our net worth as seen through the lens of authentic relationships we are building up assets that we can “take with us” unlike the kind that grow rusty or rot away.  You see the currency of life here on earth and heaven is and will be found in and through our very real relationships with people. Perhaps it’s simply time to do a currency exchange. No doubt we’ll be richer for it! Peace.