So, how full are your garbage cans?  Go back for a moment and think on your days of yesteryear.  Can’t you just hear those resounding words heard around your house at least twice per week…”Johnny/Susie, take out the trash.”  If you were like me then (and much like my son today) you had to be told over and over again to do this simple task.  It seems like from the earliest of ages we have been encouraged to “get rid of the trash” but just like when we were little kids we resist and/or procrastinate choosing instead to allow the garbage of our lives to overflow until the stink sets in. Rather than rid ourselves of the stuff that can foul up our lives we tend to hang on to or recycle our trash instead of getting rid of it. Think about this.  Don’t you find yourself listening to the continual rerun of the lies that have been written on your heart over the years?  I do at times.  These lies have a way of keeping the lid on our lives and the trash in.  This essentially relegates us to a sort of bondage from becoming the very people we have been created to be, infinitely worthy, immeasurably valuable.  So how do we rid ourselves of our trash once and for all?  Where do we find the keys that unlock the doorway to freedom from the lies?  The answer is simple but taken to heart and put in to practice is profound.  In short, it is the truth.  Not just any truth but the “Truth,” the very word of God.  Once there you’ll find two amazing promises amongst the thousands to behold.  First, the Truth will set you free and secondly, there is no lie in Truth.  Dwell on that for a bit, embrace it and live in it for a lifetime.  I bet you’ll find, as will others, a life-changing, fragrant aroma to your life.  Peace.