So, are you becoming?  Should that be the ultimate question of life’s pursuit?  People throughout the ages have contemplated the questions and implications that deal with their “being” without much effort having been given to the question of their “becoming.” Thinking back for a moment, wasn’t it Shakespeare in his famous soliloquy that offered this thought; “To be or not to be, that is the question.”  Much discourse has been considered as well over the years on the contrast and effects of “being”, most certainly as seen in light of the “doing” perspective and performance orientation of life.  It’s interesting, in a world so captivated by finding identity in the things we do and the things we have it’s curious to wonder why there’s been any thought at all given to the notion of our “being.”  No doubt this quest of “being” is a worthy endeavor. Yet while there is a great amount of substance and meaning to be extracted from living with a posture of “being” it seems to me that there is an even greater question to consider.  That is, “Are you becoming?”  It occurs to me just now that I seem to remember there was a time in days gone by that telling a lady that she looked “becoming” was one of the keenest remarks a man could offer up as a compliment.  Perhaps this points us to consider something of beauty found in the question of “becoming.” 


For too long in my life the journey for me was more about where I had been or what I had done with virtually little to no thought given to who I could become.  It’s seemed a bit like trying to drive ahead while constantly looking in my rear view mirror.  Being defined by a past tense life seemingly didn’t offer much future tense vision for my life.  Like many I would too often get mired down in who I was not rather than looking out the front window to consider who I could become, in particular, who I could become as an unleashed child of the King.  This journey of becoming, both then and now, continues to reveal new areas of my heart and new dimensions of my thinking that I never who have guessed were inside this man who for so long just wanted to “be” somebody.  So, are you becoming?  Are you experiencing the beauty that stems from living a life that is seen through the radiance of becoming more of the person you’ve been designed to be? Are you no longer bound by who you’ve been or what you’ve done?  Let me encourage you to try this perspective of “becoming” on for size, in particular, as an unleashed child of the King.  Truth is…you’ll become a person of infinite beauty!  Peace.