So, what are you on the lookout for in life?  Can you remember the times in your life when you’ve enjoyed one of life’s sumptuous, multi-course meals shared at a friend or loved one’s home?  Take a minute and just picture yourself there.  The entrée is finished, a rich conversation has ensued around the table and the hostess calls out, “save your fork!” signaling the best is yet to come.  At that very point the wheels of anticipation take over as you begin to salivate over the possibilities of the dessert that awaits you.  As I’ve thought about this as a parallel to life I’m captivated by the reality that somewhere along the way our anticipation of the life ahead gets relegated to the leftovers of what we’ve already experienced.  Somewhere we simply stop feasting on the endless possibilities that life has to offer, choosing rather to gnaw on the bones of yesterday.  Those all too familiar day’s marked by regret that are masked as the “what could have been’s” of life.  Where do the wheels come off and we become willing to just accept the table scraps life sends our way?  It’s as if we stop looking out the front window of life at the road ahead and become fixated on life as seen through our rear view mirror.  We stop believing that there is joy even in the struggles of life as we anticipate better days ahead and we displace it with a defeated belief that joy is nowhere to be found.  No longer is our posture one of expectancy but rather it becomes one of presumption, the presumption that life is as good as it’s going to get.  So how can we return to the days when we long for and await with great anticipation the feast that comes from living? I believe we need to be on the lookout for eternity in the everyday of life.  We need to begin to see life through the lens of forever.  At this very point even the mundane becomes significant.  Even met goals that at once seemed to offer only a fleeting satisfaction become purposeful, perhaps even eternally purposeful. 

You know the old cliché, “nothing lasts forever” is only partially true.  For certain there are those things in life where rust and moths will destroy but there is a place where the feast will last forever.  It’s known as Heaven.  A place by the way where we can spend our lives here on earth captivated by and in great anticipation of…even on the days when our plates seem to be the most empty.  Heaven is a place where we will feast on the Bread of Life for all eternity.  It will be like feasting on dessert forever!  Be on the lookout for it and you may just find “a little bit of it” right here on earth.  Peace.