So, is there anything to be learned from a little tiny acorn?  Perhaps you can think of a time in your life when you’ve sought the refreshing respite under a majestic oak tree.  Just thinking about this reminds me how even in the dead of the summer when the sun’s rays are beating down with relentless intensity the simple shade cast off by that familiar tree brings a satisfying coolness to life at the very moment of need.  It’s as if the tree’s ultimate purpose is to be there to offer the reward of rest for the hard work of life.  It’s seems important to remember that this place of rest began as a tiny acorn planted on a particular day, nurtured and cared for over a long period of time as it grew into one of nature’s beauties.  It’s important as well to note as well that the majesty and full expression of its shade can only be seen in its maturity. As I’ve thought about this imagery for years I’ve seen it as one of life’s great metaphors for raising children.  As parents we too are called to plant the tiny seed of beginnings, then feed and tend to our children as we nourish them and promote their growth to maturity.  Then one day when the hard work is complete we then get to find our rest in the shade of our kids as we observe life from under their tree.  

As I write this post today I do so with a great deal of anticipated delight as my wife and I send our last child off to college.  In doing so we are moving from that season of influence to one of advisement.  As we take on our new role, I’m sure we will continue to see in our son just as we have in our daughter some really “cool” expressions of maturity.  In this we will surely find an abundance of restful joy that will bring a real sense of nourishment to our souls.  How is it with you?  Are you finding rest in the relationships of your life?  Are you planting in and nurturing those closest to you?  Whether you have children or not the opportunity to plant, sew and reap is the same.   Could it just be that this is one place reserved for us to receive the real fruit from our labors…the replenishing rest from a job well done?  Peace.