So, do you have an “ace” up your sleeve?  I’m not much of a poker player or any type of card game aficionado for that matter but I understand enough to know the pivotal value of having an “ace” up your sleeve; that critical card that can be the differentiator between losing the game or winning BIG.  Perhaps another way to think about this “ace factor” is to consider that much of the spoils from the game of life seem to always go to the one who has an “ace” in the hole.  Just thinking a bit more on this reminds me this strategy of making a decisive difference at just the right moment seems to require us to keep our cards “close to the vest.” In other words, one has to live in a constant state of waiting to insure playing the right card at just the right time in order to gain this decisive advantage.  In the world of gaming this decisive card is frequently known as the “trump” card.  Interestingly to me is that this word is also found in the term “trumped up” which means to concoct with intent to deceive or to give false testimony.  Said in other more explicit terms…to lie.

If you’ve read my last few posts you’ve seen first-hand where much of my life has been “trumped up” by the lies of the enemy; in this case, my irrational fear of abandonment.  You’ve read as well me telling you that by my listening to the irrational lies I lost the critical and necessary element of “perspective” for many years of my life.  I had adopted a narrow-minded and irrational view of the numerous surgical experiences from my childhood in particular as it related to the formation of some foundational, irrational fears. In short this caused me to enter into agreement with the lies (the fears) that had been written on my heart as a child thereby causing me to believe the lies to be true.  By this point much of my life then whether consciously thought out or not began to be shaped by these false truths (the lies).  How is it with you?  Have you made agreement with the lies that have been written on your heart by the Enemy? Have these agreements over time come to define your life sucking the joy, spontaneity and adventure right out from under you?  Well, I’ve got some good news…truth trumps lies just as courage trumps fear.  Now, I’ve got some even better news…there is no lie in Truth.  Let that sink in for a few minutes.  It’s impossible for the ingredients of Truth to contain a lie. That’s right, not possible.  Now you need to know the only way I can possibly make that claim is that I have an “Ace” up my sleeve.  And He holds all the cards; not close to the vest but close to His heart. With Him your life can indeed take on a decisive advantage, in particular over the lies of the Enemy. He is the dealer of all Truth and you can win BIG with him. I wonder if you know Him.  If not, don’t wait. Play the card of Truth today. Peace.