So, are you being pushed or pulled along the track of life?  Just this morning in the darkness of night NASCAR completed the 54th running of the Daytona 500.  Arguably this race was characterized by some unique occurrences not ever seen before in the history of the race.  For example, this year was the first time ever the race had to be postponed to Monday.  And if you stayed awake to see it, this was the first time ever that an accident actually occurred between one of the race cars and one of the trucks used to jet dry the track.  That explosion was a sight to see!  But one constant that remained was the predictable element of “drafting.” 

If you’ve ever watched racing you know that drafting is a technique where two vehicles align in very close proximity to each other, like bumper to bumper, one behind the other.  The benefits of this yields a two-fold effect;  first, as the vehicles get in alignment one to another the lead car is in effect “pushed” faster around the track while the second car is in effect being “pulled” along by the slipstream created by the lead car thereby reducing the energy (gas) required to finish the race.  In both instances, it’s a win-win at least while the two remain in tandem with each other.  So my curiosity has me thinking about what the implications of “drafting” would be if we were to apply it to our lives?  Let’s think about it for a minute. 

As we find ourselves in close proximity “one to another” we are in given the first-hand opportunity to apply the “push/pull” of relationship dynamics.  As long as we are operating in tandem we are able to push each other let’s say, outside of our comfort zone which in turn stretches or pulls us outside of ourselves.  This reality can, for example, mitigate our resistance to change which in turn enables us to operate more “streamlined” within our intended design as relational beings.  As we apply the effects of let’s say, accountability one to another, we are pulled towards the truth about ourselves as the lies that so often frame our lives are being pushed away from us.  This alone has the effect of freeing us up to run the race with greater efficiency and endurance.  So, perhaps the right question is, “are we putting ourselves in position to finish the race?”  In order to do so we need to build relationships that allow us to enjoy the energy- giving, “drafting” effects that comes from the push and pull of close, enduring friendship.  After all, isn’t finishing all about our endurance as we press on towards the ultimate prize?  Peace.