So, what are you settling for?  What comes to your mind when you think of the word, “settled?”  Perhaps the cliché, “settled in for the night,” indicating that all is well and you are staying put for the night.  Or perhaps you’ve heard the expression used to describe how the foundation of a house or building “settles” over time; a condition which often causes those unwanted cracks in the foundation.  Or maybe you’ve thought of this more as a term indicative of giving up or compromising one’s position on something.  Often times it can be characteristic of one who has simply adopted a defeated view of life.  Well, I’d like to consider the word in a different light; one that just might cause the light of your life to shine so brightly that even what might have once held you captive in the darkness now begins to free you up to walk in the marvelous light.

Consider this statement…”Once we settled in on the idea it became an adventure.”  Wow, this is certainly a different look on a word that typically means, as we’ve noted, anything but “adventure.”  As I’ve considered how I might apply this in my own life I’ve found myself to be captivated (the antithesis of being held captive) at the possibility of this being one of, if not the key, missing link to living a “go for it” life.  Historically, my issue has stemmed from taking a more let’s say, conservative, make no mistakes vs. take no prisoners approach to going hard after a pursuit.  The idea of being “settled” on a pursuit or a direction of adventure seems to suggest that you have fully embraced with confidence the direction you are heading thereby leaving very little room for the seeds of doubt to encroach into your thinking.  After all, aren’t we called to living a life of adventure as captives who have been set free?  So, what stands in our way?  Could it be that we need to simply redefine the word “settled” as we move away from a static view of life and run freely towards life with a more dynamic mindset and outlook.  Just consider how the possibilities of life change as we begin to see them through the lens of the dynamic vs. the static.  Defeat can give way to optimism in a nanosecond as we take hold of a future that is “settled.”  I only know of one such future?  This future paradoxically is found in the words, “it is finished.”  Imagine that…a life of adventure that can be had once we embrace once and for all the one and only “finished work.”  Oh, I forgot to mention that there is something miraculous about being settled on this “finished” direction for your life.  It is the only way to walk in the marvelous light. Peace.