So, what’s the prescription for your life?   Not sure if you’ve been to the doctor lately but if you have you’ve probably noticed that the once staple item known fondly as “the prescription pad” is being quickly rendered extinct by technology.  I know I’ve certainly spent a great deal of seat time over the years waiting for the “doc” to come in to the exam room with that proverbial pad in hand.  Come to think of it the doc’s are still carrying a pad of sorts but they’re starting to look more like a “pad of another kind” these days…the iPad.  Oh well, if you are anything like me after the typically long, anxious wait you want to know the diagnosis right away and almost as important you want that “get well” ticket that prescribes the medicine you need to take to get you on the road to recovery.  In short, you want to get the prescription and get the heck out of there.  From there you let the medicine do its work as an integral component of the healing process.

This has me thinking about what prescription might be rendered if we were to try to find the prescription for “really living” life.  Just the other day I was with some good friends and a one friend commented on the fact that he just doesn’t enjoy life the way he once did.  Relaxation has been replaced by uptightness and a shortness with others, including those closest to him. Can you relate?  Doesn’t it seem like the pressures and responsibilities of life have a way of encroaching their way in, eroding much of life’s exuberance?  And then before we know it our intended personalities have been summarily suppressed and we have taken on one of those “false front” personas indicative of being someone other than who we really are.  It’s like we’ve been caged, desperate to get out but rendered somewhat impotent in our ability to move back towards living life the way it is intended to be.  Isn’t it sad how the wellspring of joy can dry up so quickly?  

Imagine with me for a moment how the scene would play out if you went to the doctor looking for a prescription that could give you some of your life back.  I can just see it going something like this, “Doc, I’m just not as funny as I used to be.  Why even my freedom has begun to feel like captivity.”  Then I wonder what he might write on the prescription pad that would represent the “life medicine” needed to help you right where you are.  Well, there are, no doubt many fundamental elements that are needed to bring restorative healing to our lives.  But the one that’s on my mind today is one that is actually worth laughing about.  In fact, it’s laughter itself.  Come to think of it, didn’t someone along the way say, “laughter is the best medicine?”  Perhaps this is one of those times when the familiar cliche, “why don’t you give yourself some of your own medicine” should come in to play.  So, go ahead and free yourself up to laugh your way back to life from time to time.  It’s healing to the soul.  Peace or maybe in this case LOL!