So, what is your perspective on life?  Some number of years ago in a different era of my life I had the opportunity to hear what was billed out to be a “motivational” talk given by a National Geographic photographer. Initially, I have to admit I was quite curious about the correlation between professional photography and motivation.  Perhaps you would have been too.  As the presentation began this gent launched into the story of a recent trip he had been on to shoot the “cover shot” for a National Geographic expose’ about a remote village in South America.  While all seemed to be progressing as expected a major problem arose on the day of the shoot…the van that was sent to escort him to the village never showed.  Not wanting to waste the day the photographer decided to make a trek towards a waterfall he had noticed in the distance while waiting for his ride.  Once upon it he became captivated by the beauty of the waterfall and began to take picture after picture aiming to capture the sheer elegance of nature on display.  As he was recounting his story to the group he began to show us a sampling of the pictures he had taken while also offering a vivid, running commentary that was no less beautiful than the pictures themselves.  I must tell you each picture appeared more stunning than the one that preceded it.  With each picture came an exhortation to consider the parallels between the beauty of nature and the intricate beauty of life. Up to this point in his presentation every picture shown had been taken from the vantage point in front of the waterfall.  A somewhat pregnant pause ensued and then he captured the very breath of the crowd as he began to show pictures taken from behind the waterfall.  It was then that it hit me.  Sometimes life looks even more beautiful from “behind the waterfall.”  Consider this. So often we limit our perspective on life to the obvious essentially relegating ourselves to living a life of the “status quo.”  How much more of life might we see if only we were to take those few extra steps to see what hidden gems of life can be found by looking deeper into things. How much more might we learn about the nuances of relationships if we were to consider the lens through which those around us see life?  How different would our lives look if we were to take the road less traveled…the road that might just take us behind the waterfall?  Could it be that this is where we would finally discover what a friend so fondly refers to as “the waterfall of grace?”  This seems to me to be a road worth taking.  How about you?  Peace.