So, how do you spend your time? Several weeks back we talked about the idea of how time had become one of our most precious resources.  We considered how beginning to view life in seasons of time might help usher in a shift in our thinking such that time, though elusive in one sense, might no longer seem like it is constantly escaping us. The thought of carving up the time continuum into more manageable and measureable pieces would certainly seem to help us see real progress, real life change being made in our lives and potentially the lives of others. But there seems to be more to this topic of time!  Being a self-professed “plate-spinner” I’ve continued to mull the characteristics of time over and over in search of what it might take for us to find more time in our day or if it was even a conceivable idea.  Well, the other day during my ride back to the office from lunch I may have found one of the keys that could unlock the doorway to having more time in our lives.  I must tell you though it comes from a very unlikely source, the 80’s rock band known as the Eagles.  With my radio tuned to the “classic” stations one of the Eagles more popular songs began to play…one that contained these lyrics, “You can spend all your time making money or you can spend all your love making time.”  Could it be that as we rightfully replace the preeminent pursuit of making money with an intentional purpose to love one another we might just begin to find more time in our lives?  If giving begets the receipt of blessing then it seems plausible that the blessing we receive from giving of a time that is motivated by a love for one another is an even greater capacity of time to love (and be loved).  Perhaps this is the origin of one of life’s most elusive clichés, “My cup runneth over.”  It certainly seems the more time we spend with one another; time that is motivated by love, the more we will experience the regenerative effect love has on our time.  So could the Eagles have had it right all along?  Is this yet another affirmation to persuade us to pursue one of life’s two greatest commands…to love one another? Do we have a decision to make?  Do we need to spend all of our time making money or can we spend some of our love making time? Peace.