So, what’s your formula?  Can you think of how many times over a lifetime someone might ask you for your unique formula for…fill in the blank.  Whether it is success, raising good kids, sticking to a diet, etc. most people are looking for answers to life questions in hopes of finding the winning formulas for living in a complicated and complex world.  Certainly we would all agree that there is much to be learned from the successes as well as the mistakes of others. As I write this one of life’s most common clichés come to mind that seems to speak to this notion… “Why recreate the wheel?”  In other words, why redo the tried and true.  Well, I’d like to offer you a formula that was borne out of a difficult life lesson of mine from some number of years ago. Though I didn’t see the foundational and transformational power of the lesson back then I certainly have in the years that have ensued since that time.  Here’s the formula…P + I = V or Product + Installation = Value. Now you’re probably really wondering what on earth that has to do with living life in this crazy world.  You see, in my own experience I had been, like many, one of those to gather books, perhaps read them, only to put them back on the shelf and go on living life. The problem was nothing in me had been changed. So where was the value in that?  Was I simply accumulating more knowledge in my trek towards an intellectual ascent?  You see, it’s only as we begin to translate our knowledge (P) into understanding by way of application (I) that we find real and lasting value (V). I’ve even found myself saying, “The world doesn’t need another book it just needs people who will do something with what they already know.”  Ultimately I found I just needed to do something with (install) what I already knew.  The truth is the world does need more books and we all need to gather more knowledge but only if we are going to seek to “install” or do something with what we learn or even perhaps, what we already know. One could easily argue that there is even an inherent responsibility to use and give away the knowledge we have been given. This seems foundational to living a transformed life…whether you are the one being transformed or the one being used as the agent of transformation in the life of another.  So try the formula on for size and see what you think. Peace.