So, what kind of refrigerator do you have?  You’re probably thinking what on earth does this question have to do with anything?  After all there seems to be only a handful of options that would qualify as the answer to this question.  Can you think of them; top freezer, bottom freezer, built-in and then the best one of all…the side-by-side.  While this style name does in fact give us a good description of one of the most common refrigerators on the market that’s not what I would like for us to focus on today.  I’d like to spend a few minutes and tell you about another type of side by side refrigerator of sorts…a refrigerator friend.  You know that person that comes to your door, let’s themselves in (without knocking), heads straight to the refrigerator to get something to eat (without asking), then proceeds to sit down on your couch as if they belong there.  You look at them, they look at you and you enter into a seamless conversation without the slightest hint of being bothered by what just occurred in the privacy of your home.  It’s one of those special friendships that was just meant to be. I wonder if you’ve ever had a friend like that.  Well, my life was blessed by the opportunity to have such a friend for over nineteen years until his untimely passing a few years ago.  His name was Scott.

By my calculations God gave us over seven thousand hours together in some form or fashion. Together we knew each other at the soul level.  Over the years we shared and forged much of our life’s fabric together.  Together, we sharpened each other.   Scott loved me well as a friend and I loved (and trusted him) completely. We left nothing on the table even as our relationship here on earth was ending!  Scott was my go to guy.  We had a deep and abiding friendship that was seasoned and matured by countless hours together, the effects of brokenness and the triumphs of restoration.  Our friendship stood the test of time. My friendship with Scott blessed my life with:

  • A place to satisfy my longings for simplicity and contentment
  • A place to plumb the depths of transparency
  • A place to find comfort and safety amongst the very real fears and anxieties of my life
  • A place to be held accountable to the temptations of my sinful nature
  • A place where I could understand and embrace my true worth as a child of God
  • A place to be free to be myself
  • A place to simply find rest

Who do you have in your life that is standing with you as you navigate the journey of life? While it is indeed one of life’s most uncommon treasures my sincerest hope is that you would be blessed beyond your deepest longing for such a friend.  It’s a rare find but in the end it’s the only way to do this thing we call life…side-by-side.  Peace.