So, what are the fence posts of your life?  When I hear this question it conjures up in my mind what it must be like to be a hired hand on one of those sprawling cattle ranches in Wyoming.  Maybe I watched too many Western movies as a kid but I can just see one of those Marlboro-man type cowboys sitting tall in the saddle riding out on the range to tend to one of the perimeter fences on the ranch.  Maintaining the fences in tip top shape was paramount to keeping the cattle from wandering off while attempting to keep those whose intent it was to poach or kill the cattle out.  As I reminisce on some of these fonder memories of growing up I’m reminded anew that in order for the fence to fulfill its intended purpose there had to be a series of fence posts that were systematically positioned to hold the fence firmly in place.  

Recently, I’ve been reminded of the parallel of this illustration to my life.  Just how intentional have I been to see to it that the “fence posts” of my life can stand up to the pressures brought about by those forces that would want to replay those all too common negative voices of doubt over and over in my mind.  You know those forces that would seemingly want to poach the blessings right out of our life.  Just how thoughtfully have I gone about insuring that I have firmly set the proper “fence posts” in place to remind me of all that is good and right in my life.  Those “fence posts” that help me see the ever present grace that is bestowed upon me each and every day.  How about this question; do I have the perimeter of my life appropriately guarded with the necessary “fence posts” of frequent examination and accountability needed to keep me from wandering astray?  It seems the questions for me could go on and on.  How is it though with you?  Have you considered recently the “fence posts” you have in place that are foundational to your life?  Are they firmly established and maintained with fervent intentionality? Perhaps it’s time for each of us to saddle up and tend to our fences.  Come to think of it the best place to start may be by simply mending some of the fences in our life.  Peace.