So, how’s the vision of your “mind’s eye”?  My daughter just recently experienced the wonders of Lasik surgery where in just a matter of minutes she went from life seen as a blur without her glasses or contacts to life seen with a newfound clarity and focus.  It’s hard to imagine how through a simple (but arguably complex) array of corrective laser beams the shape of her eye could be re-curved to receive light in a new way…a way that would bring her vision into focus once and for all.  To be clear (no pun intended) the procedure came with a price and required her to sacrifice some of the other needs of her life to choose this path.  

As I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon of modern day technology I’ve been wondering what life would be like if the vision of our “mind’s eye” could be affected in much the same way.  What might be the equivalent of Lasik surgery that would correctively shape the lens through which we see life?  And what would be some of the benefits of living a life whereby we viewed life with let’s say, a better understanding or where the blurriness of life would come into sharper focus.  What would it be like to suddenly find ourselves with a new found depth perception?  Perhaps this would be a place where even the people that inhabit the periphery of our lives would suddenly look different to us.  That place where we would no longer judge the outward appearance choosing rather to allow ourselves to get a clearer glimpse into the heart.  The place where we’re no longer caught up in who we think they are but now we actually begin to know them for who they’ve been created to be.  Perhaps we need to allow our mind (and our heart) to acknowledge that left unto our own strength we can only imagine what this life would be like.  You see we too have to have our minds and our hearts reshaped in a way that we can receive a new light (and life) source.  To do so requires a light source of another kind… a light source whose beams are perfectly precise and have no end.  Oh, just in case you’re wondering there is a sacrifice needed here too in order to receive this new light. But there’s good news and I mean Good News…the sacrifice has already been made for you and for me.  Drop me a line if you want to know more about this source of light (and life). Peace.