So, what are you hoping to accomplish by putting off today what you can do tomorrow?  If you’re like me this question often looms large in your life when you come, most notably, face to face with the frequent struggles of procrastination.  Just thinking about it, even the question itself can lure us into believing that we can actually “accomplish” something by putting things off to a later date.  In many respects this condition of “putting off” simply serves to validate the art of procrastination in our lives.  I mean haven’t we even come up with our own clever marketing spin to put on it?  Just think about this often used quip of rationalization and justification…”better late than never.”  While I would rarely advocate putting off today’s things for tomorrow I have recently experienced a time when it has proven to be beneficial to institute a time of, let’s call it, “purposeful procrastination.” 

As many of you know (and have reminded me) I have taken a bit of a hiatus from my writing.  From the outside looking in it might appear as though I’ve been the latest victim of a self-inflicted procrastination wound the truth is my time away from the keyboard hasn’t been without a purpose.  In fact my time away was nothing about sitting idle but rather was all about an intentional effort to prepare.  Specifically, to prepare for a trip to Africa…or so I thought.  Now that I am on the other side of this trip I am heading back to keyboard.  While I look forward to our on-going consideration of thoughts on life’s peculiarities and perspectives, I hope in the coming weeks to invite you in to some of the specific life takeaways from my time away.  In essence, lessons learned from the journey.  Perhaps some of these will speak to you in transformative ways as they have for me.

Thanks for your patience with me and for giving me the freedom to “step aside” for a bit to walk a path that was necessary for me to take.  You need to know that in giving me the freedom to do so your gift has had an exponential return in my life…a newfound freedom of my own.  So here’s to giving yourself a break from time to time and choosing to be a purposeful procrastinator. The rewards can be life changing! I look forward to sharing more with you in the weeks ahead. Peace.