So, what difference can one degree make?  Speaking of “degrees”, I’m sure you’ve heard about the concept of six degrees of separation.  This notion refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six introductions away from “connecting” to any other person on Earth.  In a world largely governed by “who you know,” this phenomenon can certainly be the difference maker in the trajectory of one’s career path.   Or if you’ve followed any of our space exploration endeavors over the years you’re certainly aware of the radical implications that a single degree differential can have on the trajectory of a spacecraft.  Just thinking about this reminds me of the Apollo craft returning from the moon.  One degree miscalculation in their reentry path and they bounce off the earth’s atmosphere never to be seen again.  All of this suggests to me that one degree matters and it matters big time.

So, this has me thinking about the implications a one degree shift in our thinking or change in our perspective can have in our lives.  Consider with me one simple, “one degree” shift that could have radical and transformative implications to our lives and the lives of others.  Let’s take the arena of producing fruit.  While we are all pointed towards producing fruit in our endeavors what if we were to make that one degree shift and begin to be all about producing fruit that will last.  After all that is what we are called to do. Talk about a game changer.  Just think about the nourishment that would come from investing in others in such a way that your original investment would live on as it is reinvested in others by those you originally invested in.  Okay, I know that’s a mouthful.  To be clear though, we’re not talking anything financial here.  We’re talking about the investment of imparting potential life-changing insight and wisdom that could change the trajectory of the life of another (in particular, the next generation).  And once again the tables of blessing take on the attributes of a mirror where the lives of both parties can be radically altered. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the “fruit farmer” for a minute and think about what it would be like to produce a crop that would “live on” to yield lasting fruit for generations to come.  Perhaps another way to think about this is imagining the vast differences between producing something consumable to something eternal.  Ah, one degree…that just may be enough to set your life on a new trajectory.  Perhaps that one degree for you is to simply turn to the One who longs to see you living a life of freedom.  Here again it only takes a one degree turn…one invitation which is yours for the taking and one response.  Could this be your new path?  Peace.