So, have you been thinking too?  Since my last post I’ve heard from a number of you as you’ve considered the implications of making a one degree shift of some kind in your own life.  You need to know that this is a great source of encouragement to me to know that some of this thinking causes you to stop and give pause.  To that end, I thought it might be kind of neat to carry the conversation a bit further and simply make note of what some of these “one degree shifts” might look like.  Perhaps as you consider these you might hold the mirror up to your own life and just imagine how the trajectory of your life might look different both today and in the years to come if these shifts became woven into the fabric of who you are.  And maybe just take one more step to play it forward to consider the cascading implications to the generations to come after you, in particular those closest to you.  At that point you’re not only changing the trajectory of your life but you’re now confronting the opportunity to affect the lives of generations to come.  Wow, it seems that simple “one degree” continues to loom larger and larger.

So, let’s try some of these on for size as they say…

Ø  What if we were to live a life characterized by seeking instead of settling?

Ø  What if we chose just to be ourselves rather than someone we’re not?

Ø  What if we simply pursued right and left wrong behind?

Ø  What if rather than settle for mediocrity we took the next step towards excellence?

Ø  What if we chose not to believe the lies that life tends to write on our hearts and chose rather to believe that there is no lie in Truth?

Ø  What if we decided to be a holder instead of a withholder?

Ø  What if we simply realized the doorway to living an abundant life was open and not closed?

Ø  What if our life was characterized by building versus demolition?

Ø  What if we were content to serve rather than being discontent in our need to be served?

Ø  What if we lived life believing rather than just believing in?

Ø  What if the wellspring of our life overflowed from our heart rather than from our head?

Ø  What if rather than being shackled by risk-free living we pursued a life of adventure?

My sense is the list could go on and on.  I know my list certainly could. Nonetheless you begin to get a grasp of the enormity of just how much of a seismic shift could occur in our lives (for the better) as we make that simple yet radically profound one-degree shift in our approach to life.  The beautiful thing about life taking on a different trajectory is that it ultimately takes you to a new destination.  And here again we’re confronted with one more, one-degree shift in order to arrive at the ultimate destination we all are meant for.  Such a destination is found in choosing to have a relationship with the One who came as a man so we no longer have to live a life trying to be “the man.”  Have you arrived?  If not, you’re only a one-degree turn away. Peace.