So, have you ever wondered what is beyond Cloud 9?  Let’s think about it for just a minute.  I’m sure somewhere along the way you’ve found yourself uttering these words, “I feel like I’m on Cloud 9.”  So, what is it one “feels” when they find themselves at this place?  Characteristically this state of being appears as one being extremely happy, almost in a state of euphoric bliss where you have not a care in the world.  Or said another way, it’s that point where everything just seems to be going your way.  Not sure about you but I didn’t even know until recently that the term, “Cloud 9,” actually exists as a meteorological expression to describe those cumulonimbus clouds found on a hot summer day at 30,000 – 40,000 feet.  The term “Cloud 9” is used here to characterize the supremely “high” state of this category of cloud.   Thus the parallel when one feels “high” on life.

So, is it possible that there could be something beyond such a state of “being on Cloud 9?”  I believe there is and maybe it should be known as “Cloud 10.” Though I’ve never thought about it quite this way it appears to me to be found in the difference between happiness and joy.  So, let’s consider the contrasting characteristics of joy for a moment.  Can you think of a few?  What about the restful satisfaction of hearing “well done?”  Or what about the intense internal gladness you experience when give of yourself for the benefit of another.  Perhaps you’ve even known that immeasurable peace that can come in the midst of suffering through one of life’s many struggles.  To me happiness is more of a temporary feeling whereas joy is more of an assured presence.  In fact, while there is no guarantee of continual happiness it is possible to experience such unending joy.  And it’s found in the presence of a promise.  It’s about having the perfect promise of and forever assurance of knowing that the end of your life’s story ends well if you believe in the Eternal Storyteller.  In fact, your story doesn’t end at all and that’s what makes it so good.  Come to think of it if Cloud 9 is found at 30,000 – 40,000 feet then Cloud 10 must be more Heavenly.  Peace.