So, how much is enough?  My guess is you’ve either found yourself asking this question or have been part of a larger conversation where others have been contemplating the elusive answer to this age-old dilemma. Without a doubt this is certainly the paramount question that seems to find its way to the forefront of any conversation that centers around one’s ability to “retire.”  The popular thought for many is that within the answer lies the tipping point of knowing the optimum time to “get out” while insuring that you don’t “run out” as you’re on your “way out.”  If your encounters with this question have been anything like mine you’ve most likely not arrived at a concrete answer to the question. Rather, I’m guessing you’ve found yourself continuing to move the finish line further and further out. Doesn’t It seem therein lies the elusiveness in the dilemma?  The uncertainty brought about by not knowing causes us to continue this march to “move the bar.”  Well all of this to say that I’ve recently seen where this same question and it’s correlated actions loom even larger and potentially have even more profound implications in one critical area of our lives.

Consider with me for a moment the area of self-worth.  First hand conversations with many people over many years has revealed to me that most people believe they are simply not “good enough.”  For countless and varied reasons life has dealt out repeated, often punishing blows that has caused seeds of doubt to encroach into the self-esteem, confidence, value, dignity, inner beauty etc. of many good people.  And this elusive belief and assurance of one’s self-worth has a similar effect to that discussed earlier.  In this case the “bar” of seeking one’s worth continues to be moved further and further out revealing itself in a myriad of ways.  Perhaps it’s found in an incessant need for validation or approval.  Or perhaps it’s found in one’s inability to believe that anyone would offer them a free gift even if the gift is to simply love them or extend the hand of mercy and compassion.  So, here too the question remains. How much is enough?  The answer in this case is simple and not elusive…YOU ARE.  You are enough!  How can it be?  Well, the tipping point in this equation is found in a free gift available for your taking…the gift of God’s grace.  No more unknown requiring you to “push the bar” further and further out.  Because of His grace you are fully known and you are fully loved, worthy beyond measure. Believe it! Peace.