So, are you wound too tight? Every time I think about this question my mind goes back to the days of playing with balsa wood airplanes.  Do you remember them?  Typically, they would be found in a hobby store or some guy would be hawking them at a shopping mall kiosk.  Once the purchase was made and the contents were dumped from that proverbial, hard to tear with you teeth plastic bag it was just a matter of time before the parts and pieces were assembled and you were ready to fly.  Remembering back on this Im remembering the trick to a successful flight was determined by getting just the right number of turns of that seemingly oversized rubber band attached to the propeller.  Invariably though, in an attempt to get the plane to fly higher and fly longer I would make one too many turns of the propeller only to have the rubber band snap and leave me with what amounted to an overpriced assortment of cheap wood.  Or sometimes during the winding process the propeller would get so much tension on it that it would simply slip leaving me with a nice sized paper cut on my winding finger.  As I think back on this interaction with the little airplane that never quite could, Im wondering if there are some parallel applications to living life.  Lets think on it for a minute or two.

Doesnt it seem we spend a good deal of our life trying to put the pieces and parts together of life in order so as to fly higher and farther?  And most of the time isnt it to fly higher and farther than the next guy? I know we dont typically think of it this way but just think about the effort that many people go to just to fit in or to get ahead.  Truth be told arent we apt to expend a lot of energy just to give the appearance that weve arrived?  And doesnt this somewhat endless effort get us so tightly wound that we find ourselves routinely reaching a breaking point?  You know. Just one more crank (or car, boat or accolade) will get us farther and higher in this performance we call life.  And before you know it weve snapped!  Think about it. Theres not enough energy to outrun the person we want others to think we are. 

So at the end of the day arent we better off putting together the parts and pieces of our life with the glue of authenticity?  Wouldnt we be so much looser (and actually fun to be around) if in our striving we sought to be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow?  Whats it going to take for you?  As I think about the question for myself its got me thinking that maybe I just need to take on the attributes of the glider.  After all, they fly with much more grace, free to ride the wind with a seemingly effortlessness that has no end. Thats it! Unwind, be free, fly with grace.  Peace.