So, have you discovered the desires of your heart?   So often in life we’re confronted with and perhaps even confounded at times as to how we discover the deeper recesses of ourselves.  In particular, if you’re like me, you often times find yourself trying to get at that “magma” awareness that gets at the core of your existence and the core of what it is that fuels your longings in life.  Questions arise like, “What is it that truly sets my heart into motion towards my deepest desires?”  Or, “Why is it so difficult to translate what I know in my head to be true into an expression of love, a love that comes from my heart?” What is that key that unlocks the entry way to discovering my heart desires? 

Well for starters, when I think about my heart’s desires I see them somewhat synonymous with my passions.  What are the passions that lie within the far reaches of my heart?  Am I even a person that has passions or has what one author calls “the cages of life” so doused my flame for living that I no longer emote much desire for anything? Am I simply on a passionless pursuit of living?  These are just some of the many good questions we could reflect on as we press on to navigate our way on the journey.  Today though I’d like for us to consider one of the key questions that might help us arrive at the station of our heart’s desire.  That is, “In what or in whom do you find your delight?”  Where is it, what is it or who is it that brings you great delight?  It seems not only has this word “delight” lost it’s way from our vocabulary these days it has become almost non-existent as a desired descriptor of one’s character. Could it be that in the constant crush from the demands of life we have lost our way on the road to delight?  So, to get at our heart it seems we need some new passions, something or someone in whom we can find much delight.  One such passion promises that if we delight ourselves in Him he will give us the desires of our heart.  So once again we find ourselves standing at the entryway being invited in to an adventure of our heart, an eternal adventure.  Go ahead, step in and find your heart’s desire.  You’ll be forever delighted you did.  Peace.