So, have you ever been to Moe’s?  If you have you’ve certainly heard the welcoming refrain, “Welcome to Moe’s” coming from the folks working behind the burrito line.  But now that I’ve got your taste buds captivated I’d like to draw some life parallels with a “Mohs of a different kind. “ This Mohs has been defined as, “A precise surgical technique for removing several varying types of skin cancers.” During Mohs surgery, the surgeon uses microscopic surgical techniques to progressively remove layers of skin one layer at a time until only cancer-free tissue remains and the “margins” are deemed to be free of cancer.  Come to think of it, this method mimics to some degree the same circular technique that is used in mining operations to strip soil one layer at a time of valuable minerals.  By this point though I’m sure you’re thinking, “What on earth does this have to do with living life?”

Well, doesn’t it seem that as we walk along the journey of life to becoming more of the person we’ve been designed to be, we experience a cutting or stripping away of the things that once constrained us.  It’s as if to become something we have to lose something.  In this case we cut away the baggage of our past or seek to shed the layers of the veil that hides who we really are.  Much like exposure to the sun can cause us to develop skin cancers that need to be painstakingly removed one layer at a time, exposure to doing life can cause us to take hold of baggage that needs to be tactically and at times forcefully removed from our makeup.  Ultimately we seek to live a life characterized by new “margins” such as newfound freedom or a newly discovered comfort in being who we are meant to be. 

Come to think of it in order to become more comfortable in our own skin we need more exposure not less.  In this case however, we need to take off the sunscreen that perpetuates the mask and get more fully exposed to the Son.  Peace.