So, just how efficient are you?  In a world dominated by performance, profitability, perfection, etc. this question is often the benchmark measurement to determine how well we’re doing.  The truth is it’s more often than not the unspoken benchmark for how well we’re thought of, certainly within the workplace.  It seems there are efficiency quotas and metrics for just about every aspect of life these days.  It’s no wonder so many people struggle with feeling like their just not “good enough.”  So, is there any place where we can escape the constant drone of being compared to a benchmark of performance?  Well, just last week I heard someone say, “There’s no place for efficiency in relationships.” Ah, relationships…the place where efficiency takes a break!

So here again we find ourselves with a new dimension to the beauty of being in relationship one to another.  Though some may argue that “comparison” is one of the most common characteristics of community, it is certainly not the way it is intended to be.  Our relationships should be one of the places where we should feel free to be ourselves.  A place where we can be delightfully inefficient without concern for how we will “stack up” against the median average or the top percentile of others.  How is it with you? Are you willing to allow yourself to “just be” in relationship?  Are you willing to afford others the same accord?  I wonder if in the willingness we might just find out we, along with our friends are good enough. At the end of the day, the only metric needed is the simple realization of our immeasurable worth one to another.  As inefficient (and counterintuitive) as that may seem I’m certain we all could find great delight in that.  Peace.