So, who is your Vegas?  If you’ve been paying attention to the ads on TV recently you’ve no doubt seen the commercials touting this slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  The inference embedded in this marketing catchphrase is that you can come to “Sin City” and no one will know what you did while you were there.  And if they were to know, they certainly wouldn’t tell anyone.  Curiously, the allure of what amounts to a “primal attraction” suggested by this notion of getting away with something plays right into one of man’s greatest fears…the fear of being found out?  The constant companion of this fear for so many is at the root, I believe, for why so many live such exhausting lives.  Just consider for a moment the unrelenting drain of energy that occurs just to keep up with what amounts to a lie with no finish line.  Ironically, freedom can only occur when we are “found out.”

So, the question is, “Who is your Vegas?”  Not to whom do you go to be unknown but to whom do you go to become fully known?  Not to hide from where you’ve been or what you’ve done but to have someone in your life that knows you in such an intimate way that you are now able to “become.”  To become the man or woman you were meant to be…free!  Do you have such a friend?  Cultivating such a confidant in your life might just give you what the words suggests, confidence.  The confidence to come out from behind the curtain and begin to experience life no longer a slave to being found out but now to able live as a captive who has been set free.  Perhaps our finding such a friend will come as we seek to be such a friend to others.

I have no doubt that within the circles we do life in there are many who are tired of running the race that has them on a relentless run to keep one step ahead of the truth.  Many of these are simply longing for someone to help them remove their mask of bondage.  Rather than “go to Vegas” to hide perhaps we need to focus our energy on “being Vegas” to our friends.  It might just be that in doing so we will be the ones to be set free.  Peace.