So, why is it no one dances until somebody dances?  Just curious…has this question ever crossed your mind?  Well, over the last month I’ve had the opportunity to attend several weddings where the adult children of some long-standing friends have left behind “singleness” and entered into the ranks of the “newly married.”  At each event, the beauty of the bride and the readiness of the groom to lead this new union heralded a job well done by the parents.  A much anticipated part of the festivities was the traditional “first dance” which was followed closely by the “father/daughter dance.”  And shortly thereafter comes the clarion call for all to join in and “hit the dance floor.”  It at this very point that I’m once again confronted with this curious question, “Why is it no one dances until somebody dances?”  I’m sure you’ve witnessed this before.  Perhaps you’ve been one of those, like me, that even when the dance floor does begin to fill you find yourself still glued to your seat.  Well, this oft repeated observation has me wondering if there are some life applications to be gleaned from this phenomenon of the human condition.   

So, here are some questions that come to mind as I mull this over in search of the answer.  Let’s start with this one.  Wherein lies the hesitation to plant the flag of leadership?  Not to draw attention to oneself but to set the pace for those who might be unwilling or unable to muster up the courage to join in the dance of living life as it is intended to be lived.  Could it be that as courage begets courage, dancing will in turn beget dancing?  Or wherein lies the resistance to be less concerned about what others might think of the way you dance life’s dance?  After all, this seems to amount to what I like to call “face dancing.”  Why not exchange this resistance for the joy of letting go of these self-imposed constraints in such as way that we can then simply enjoy dancing to the music life has to offer us.  Why the hesitation to just be yourself and let other’s deal with the dancer you are?  Well, much like in the case of the new bride we too exhibit immense beauty to the “Groom of the wedding feast” when we let go.  This seems particularly true when we let go of the lies that bind us up and hinder our ability to dance in the freedom that is ours.  This dance, the “freedom dance” will no doubt be an expression of the best present we could long for; the loving hand of grace given to us by the ultimate Father.  Though there may be the same hesitation for many to get on the dance floor of life and dance this dance, we can be assured that others will want to join in.  Perhaps our role here is to be the ones beckoning the clarion call to the dance floor by inviting others in to our dance story.  By the way, this Father desires to lead in this dance as well.  You just need to follow His lead. Peace.